Do you know what a P contaminated house looks like?

Protect Your Assets

Who should test for meth contamination?

  • New home buyers test prior to signing the sale and purchase agreement.
  • If someone in your home is continually getting sick, developing respiratory issues, gritty eyes, headaches or nausea. These may be the signs of meth contamination.
  • If you own a rental property, farm cottage, beach house, commercial property, fleet of commercial vehicles, caravan or have just moved into a new home.

Principles of our work

During the testing process Meth Test Waikato:

  • On arrival at your property the meth tester will put on booties to cover their shoes, the purpose of this is to ensure no cross contamination from previous properties.
  • If there is a strong odour of chemical, or a smell of cat urine, the tester will put on a mask to protect them (please don’t be offended).
  • The tester will then, depending on which test option you go with, test up to 8 different sites within the house. The tester works with a template that is 10cm x 10cm. This template is placed at each of the sample sites and photographs are taken of each site.
  • The purpose of the photographs is to provide evidence of the sample sites to the client plus provide details for the testers if further sampling needs to be carried out.
  • Once the sampling has been completed the sample/s are sent to the laboratory for processing.
  • During the visit the tester will inspect the inside and outside of the property for signs of meth contamination.
  • On receiving the results Meth Test Waikato will issue the client with a full and comprehensive report, including the photos taken on site and a copy of the laboratory results.

More Information

Signs of P

Signs of P

Information and Legislation

Information and Legislation

What it means to tenants

What it means to tenants

What goes into P

What goes into P

Side effects of P on the Property ?

  • P will “soak” in the jib, attach to carpet and paint
  • Once P is in the house it can be “passed” on to people, particularly kids, who may touch the walls with their hands and then put their hands in their mouth.
  • Chemical residue in a property will harm all those that come in to contact with it. This can be by inhaling the chemicals by way of dust particles.
  • Consumed with food or drink with contaminated hands or utensils.
  • P manufacture requires toxic chemicals that are heated, releasing particles into the air, walls, floors, ceilings, plumbing and ventilation filters
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Why Use Meth Test Waikato?

  • Trained technicians and protection gear that eliminate cross contamination from previous sites
  • Comprehensive testing with laboratory analysis results
  • Minimal delay from booking in a test to us completing the testing
  • Testing options to suit your budget
  • Comprehensive report showing areas tested
  • Quick and easy-to-read results
  • Locally owned
  • Peace of mind for your insurance cover
  • Servicing the Waikato, Coromandel and BOP


“I used Meth Test Waikato approximately 1 month ago through Wayne Robb and they were very fast and efficient. Wayne was extremely thorough in where he tested and I had the results back within 3 days. I would recommend them to anybody”.


“We have used Wayne Meth Test Waikato’s services a couple of times now and have found him to be prompt and reliable. His services are very affordable and a great guarantee that we are all living in a healthy and contaminant free environment. Wayne is independent and always happy to help out even if travelling. Great Company, Great Service, Great Results!! Highly recommend!!! Thanks Wayne”


“We needed an urgent meth test done, for purchasing of a property, and called Wayne from Meth Test Waikato.  Wayne was at the property first thing the next morning, did the testing, and we had a result within a very short timeframe. His prompt service was exceptional and we would highly recommend using Meth Test Waikato as a reliable, professional testing service.”


“I contacted Wayne from Meth Test Waikato to perform a test on one of our rental properties in Morrinsville. He was very obliging and also informed me of the test procedure and protocol and also the signs to watch out for. I had the test results and report with a couple of days and Wayne also rung to explain the results. I would recommend Wayne from Meth Test Waikato to other potential clients.”


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